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"Aventura Amazonas cod. RATE2/1 "

This is the shortest program to allow people to visit the largest Macaw’s clay lick known on world, enjoing wildlife in the upper Tambopata River. Learn about the Amazon in an unforgettable experience in 2 full days

An Amazon related tour that combines nature, adventure and great excitement. You will be staying in a rustic, comfortable lodge, with full contact with nature and closer to the heart of the rainforest than ever before. This is a 2 days long exciting tour where you can learn about the Amazon looking for great adventures in our walks and different activities surrounded by beautiful tropical rainforest scenaries, with great chances to find wild animals such as monkeys, peccaries, exotic birds such as macaws, and fish such as Piranhas in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Take part in the adventure of a lifetime surrounded by an amazing rainforest and the best Amazon lodge.


Day 1: Puerto Maldonado -Tambopata National Reserve

road to the lodgeA staff member will be waiting for you at the airport, transfer to Wasai Maldonado Eco Lodge. There you will be welcomed with a delicious tropical juice while the guide will give you a brief explanation of the tour and last minute tips. Then, transportation by road  during 40 minutes to the trail to start the trekking to Wasai Tambopata Lodge.
We will change our vehicle to one specially designed to fully enjoy the adventure. Little by little we will leave human presence behind, as we go deeper into the jungle. This journey will take between 1 and 2 hours until we reach the Private Reserve of Wasai.

Wasai Tambopata lodge.jpgBox Lunch

Once we are there, we will initiate a trek of introduction to the ecology in a tour of approximately 3 km towards the Lodge which is located at the bank of the Tambopata River. During the walk you will be able to appreciate the different types of forests such as swamps , bamboo forest, hi terrace forest, low land forest and with luck some animals of the Amazon.

At your arrival toTambopata lodge, the staff will help you to accommodate in your bungalow which has terrace and hammocks to relax. After that, your guide will give you a brief explanation and some tips for your security and comfort during your stay in the Amazon jungle.

The ones who wish can swim in the river with the assistance of the guide or any staff member. Free time the rest of the afternoon until dinner.

tambopata clay lickAfter dinner search of caymans in the Tambopata River ( L, D )
Overnight at Wasai Tambopata Eco lodge. You will enjoy the sounds of the jungle during the night.

Day 2:  Macaw’s Clay lick
Early wake up around 4:30 am, to begin our 60-90 minutes journey upstream to the Macaw Clay Lick “El Chuncho” in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries and wildlife of the riverbanks. At our arrival, if weather permits, we will observe one of the greatest wildlife spectacles tambopatawhere hundreds of parrots and different species of macaws gather to eat clay, an unforgettable experience. A light breakfast wll be served (coffee or mate, fruits and coookies )Then, we will walk by the river beach searching for animal footprints. In the middle morning we return to the lodge to have a late breakfast and then take a rest to relax, or enjoy the facilities and the surroundings of Wasai. 
(Around 12 am) We leave again to take a 5 minute river journey to enjoy “Cascadas del Gato” (Cat Cascades), where we will swim in a “natural Jacuzzi”. If you wish, you can join us to fish in the river where inhabit more than 250 species of fish.

Return to the lodge for lunch .

Lunch will be served between 1:30 to 2pm
After lunch, we will make a short ethno botanical walk of 1 km until the swamp area where the adventurecomplex is located. There you will be able to enjoy differentadventure activities between the trees: zip line tambopataSuspended bridges, zip Lines of over 100 m, rope bridge, floating ropes, tri lines, etc.

Then we will start our last trek back to Puerto Maldonado.

Road trip to Puerto Maldonado, transfer to your hotel or bus station. End of Our Services

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Some of the activities able to do in this tour are:

Cayman's search.
Insect's search.
Ethno-Botanical walk.
Nigth Walk.
Rope bridge walk.
Amazon ecology talk.
Ayahuasca Ceremony.
Special Fishing Tour (Payara, Cat Fish, Pacu).
Sport Fishing (piranhas, wolffish, small fish).
Kayack and wooden canoe practice on the Tambopata and the Gato River.
Zip Line and other fun ways to cross from one tree to another.
Rides arround the Upper Tambopata River and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.
Visit to the Gato Cascade.
Visit to the Parrot's Clay Lick.
Visit to the Mammal's Clay Lick for wildlife observation
Visit to the largest Macaw's Clay Lick "Chuncho".
Visit to a Gold Mining on the river Bank.
Learn how to climb trees using rapel equipment.
Climb a 40m observation platform.
Visit to the Misisipi lake ( to explore).
Visit a local farm and native plantation