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 macaw clay lick & Sandoval lake

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  Amazon Parrot and Macaw clay lick

Tambopata Peru,   the birdwatching mecca.


There are not so many places in the world where different species of big macaws, parrots and parakeets meet together every morning to eat the mineral salts in the soil of the river banks. These places are locally called "collpas ", is a quechua name. You will watch several macaw, parrot and parakeet species that gather to eat clay in the first few hours after sunrise.

Special for nature and birds lovers.



The most spectacular "collpas" are the Macaw Clay Lick that have made the Tambopata - Candamo Reserved Zone famous. Hundreds of individuals of several macaws and parrots species gather in these places. "Collpas" are located on open, vegetation-free cliffs that are continuously shaped by dynamic rivers. Some of the common species spotted in these places are the blue-and-gold, scarlet, red-and-green macaws, and blue-headed parrots. Monkeys, tapirs, deers and capybaras also visit “collpas”, but they are more frequently observed at clay licks along creeks and stream borders inside the forest.

El Chuncho Clay Lick is probably the biggest “collpa” in the world, it is a low cliff located along a tributary of the Tambopata, 5 hours upstream from Puerto Maldonado (40 minutes from WASAI Lodge). You should camp a day in advance in order to make an early morning visit to the observation point or make a travesy from Wasai lodge early in the morning.

There are some other clay licks close to Puerto Maldonado where it is easy to see different parrots, parakeets, and small macaw species. If you don't have too much time, this is a good alternative to take any of these programs:

Contact us for further information about the macaw lick.

Wasai Bird List by Mat Denton

All the travel package showed in the left column allow you to have good opportunity to watch Amazon parrots and exotic birds.

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