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 macaw clay lick & Sandoval lake

Wild Amazon Expedition Tambopata WTE5/4

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Amazon Expedition Tambopata

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Amazon adventure trek
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Sandoval Lake 2/1

Sandoval Lake Paradise 3/2


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Amazon Research Projects 

Mystic, Ayahuasca in the jungle


Cuzco classic

Inca trail 2 days

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South Peru

Peru Express: Cuzco and Amazon  9 days

Peru Wildlife: lima  Puerto Maldonado, Cuzco, Paracas 10 days 



Alternative tourism - Ecotourism

Activities for researchers and students



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Here are some examples of the activities that we offer:


    • An introduction to the  ecology of and plant adaptations for survival in the Amazon Rainforest. There will be an introductory walk in the forest during which we will learn about the structure, dynamics, and adaptations of the flora and fauna.                                                                                                                        
    • Nocturnal Ecology will include a  short night hike in the forest in order to experience the difference between diurnal and  nocturnal forest life. There will be an introduction to the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the behavior of active nocturnal fauna.
    • Rainforest Vertebrate Census. We will combine several types of field assessment methods to survey bird and mammal species.
    • Arthropod World. Is an introduction to the amazing world of the millions of species of insects, spiders, and other bugs that live in the rainforest. Students will learn about the special adaptations arthropods employ for survival.
    • Nocturnal vertebrate flyers of the Rainforest. During which we will census nocturnal birds (owls, nighthawks, potoos) and bats using transects and mist nets.
    • Clay licks. We will visit the clay licks to view macaws and mammals and to observe this peculiar behavior and learn about its importance.
    • People of the Rainforest. We will visit local people to learn how they are adapted for life in the rainforest.
    • Rainforest Botany. This is a special activity covering the general ecology and special adaptations of plants. We will learn how many plants are used medicinally.
    • Aquatic Vertebrates Census. We will take a nocturnal boat ride along rivers or lakes to do an assessment of caimans and frog species and their choruses.