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Ecotourism Peru, rainforest, package travel, Tours.

Travel to the Peruvian jungle and enjoy a fascinating pristine world.

Eco- Tours      



Macaw's Clay Lick and Sandoval Lake , in the same ecotour

You will visit the two most important attractions in the Tambopata National Reserve.



Wild Amazon Expedition to the Upper Tambopata 

US$ 667

 5 days

code WTE5/4


A complete ecotourism program which combines the comfort of beautiful lodges with the experience to spend a night camping in the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. One of the most biodiverse areas on the amazon.

Amazon Expeditions to the Upper Tambopata River Collpa & Lake 

US$ 504

4 days

code TE4/3

The amaz
ing macaw clay lick "collpa" in the Bahuaja - Sonene National Park, where dozens of parrots and macaws of up to 15 species congregate daily to ingest the detoxifying clay, and the wonderful  Sandoval lake, is one of the most beautiful amazon rainforest   lakes of Peru.


Amazon Expedition to the upper Tambopata 3/2 

US$ 354

3 days

code TE3/2

The macaw clay lick "collpa" in the upper Tambopata river and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park . Three days of adventures in the Amazon rainforest of Tambopata Reserve .

Peru rainforest

Amazonian short trips

A journey full of adventures in which the traveler gets to know beautiful lakes rich in wildlife, at a reasonable price to the amazing . These tours include a chance to see wildlife while traveling by canoe. You will have the chance to look for caimans and giant otters, to observe exotic bird, and to hike through the Amazon Rainforest with a guide. You will also have the opportunity to make contact with native people, learn about their traditions and economic activities in the rainforest of Peru . ( lodging and meals not included)




City tour & Boat trip 2 hours






Visits to the old city, villages around Puerto Maldonado by car, ending with a boat excursión .




1/2 day Sandoval lake




Lake Sandoval is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, inside the Tambopata national Reserve, is a sanctuary of animals such as crocodiles, otters, cranes and turtles.



Ethno botanical & forest trails 1/2 day




Walking through the ethnobotanical trail, you will learn about the hidden properties of amazon rainforest plant species. In traditional medicine, plants serve to fight infections, heal wounds, increase lactation, ease muscle strains, relieve stomach ailments, and eliminate fevers. Your guide will picks up a sample containing medicinal properties, explaining how it is still used by the local people which live inof the rainforest of Peru .



Canopy half day



please contact

Inkaterra Canopy is considered to be one of the most modern sophisticated and safest canopy walkways in the world. The ground-level Interpretation Centre is packed with information about the rainforest and its ecology. Fu
nding for the canopy project was provided by the World Bank and the National Geographic Society.

river otter

Sandoval Lake Paradise 3/2


3 days

This lake allows for a pleasant look at the magnificence and splendor of south Peruvian Amazon rainforest, Lake Sandoval is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, inside the Tambopata national Reserve is a sanctuary of animals such as crocodiles, giant otters, cranes and turtles and the variety of animals of the rainforest in Peru.


Sport & Adventure (Ecotourism, Mountain Bike, Rafting, Trekking, Fishing)

Macaw Clay Lick and Amazon lakes

fishing payaras

Peru, "fishing Tambopata Candamo" 

referential price US$ 900

since 4 days

Surrounded by lush vegetation and pristine nature, the best places of Tambopata River with great opportunities to get big fishes, as Payaras. Also you can visit the two famous macaw Clay licks ( the biggest in the world) hike through the amazon rainforest and to fish in the morning surrounded by macaws.           

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Wasai Lodge & Expeditions - Ecotourism at Tambopata River

Peru ecotourism in the amazon rainforest: "Ttravel to the peruvian jungle and enjoy a nice trip in the heart of the rainforest eco lodges and camps located at Tambopata and Manu Parks".