Amazon Research Expedition - Peru

South America - Peru - Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata Park


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 macaw clay lick & Sandoval lake

Wild Tambopata Candamo Expedition 5/4

Tambopata Candamo Expedition Collpa & Lake 4/3

Tambopata Candamo Expedition & Sandoval Lake 3/2

Manu Park



Sandoval Lake Paradise 3/2


Sport & Adventure

Adventures from Heaven to Paradise in bicycle 7/6 

Amazon parrots tour  3/2

Fishing Tambopata Candamo 8/7

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Educational Program

Amazon Research Expeditions

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Cuzco classic

Inca Trail:

2 days

4 days


South Peru

Peru Express: Cuzco and Amazon  9 days

Peru Wildlife: lima  Puerto Maldonado, Cuzco, Paracas 10 days 

Peru Classic: Lima, Puerto Maldonado, Cuzco Puno   Titicaca    11 days 00

Lima-Paracas-sea lions islands-Nazca Lines  




Research Tambopata

Projects Research Biodiversity

Conservation and Sustainable

Use Research Projects 

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Research Expeditions.

For everyone  who want to live the experience of how scientists developed its work in the amazonia. 

Participants  will be in full contact with the wildlife.

You can take an adventure and maybe make a discovery . No need previus experience. The Research Expeditions Program seeks adventurous people of all ages interested in becoming short-term , botanists, ecologists or geologists. Instead of sunning on a beach or playing golf, use your vacation time traveling to this exotic region.Learn more about the earth and its inhabitants .

Working in a quintessential rainforest, with towering, 50-meter-tall trees, lianas, and epiphytes, you will travel by riverboat and hike to monitor scarlet, blue and gold, and red and green macaws at clay licks, and observe their daily behavior and reactions to visiting tourists. You will also observe macaw nesting sites to record data on parental behavior and nest status. In your free time, there’s great birdwatching to be had or you can enjoy the monkeys and other large mammals that frequent the research area.

More details about of our 15 day program of Research Expeditions


Participants of two expeditions are able to participate free, as  volunteers  in next research expedition or other similar  trips, carried out  by wasaí. ( limited to two persons per month)


Max group size 8 participants min. 1 persons .  Make your reservation with due time ,  or ask for more information to . 

Tariff includes lodging, full meals, transportation by boat and overland, camping equipment, training by expert guide and biologist.


All participants in the Research Expeditions who want to visit cuzco have special discounts in our programs : Cuzco Classic  and Inka Trail . Contact us now . 



Individual Projects: Research proposals should be sent to our Environmental Affairs Advisor for review. WASAI keeps a regular research program inventory of environmental impact monitoring of selected flora and fauna taxa. In order to avoid projects interfering with each other and to facilitate research efforts in various ways, it is very important to co-ordinate research activities.


Fees: Our lodging fees is $ 90.00/person/day, depending on the researches, WASAI offers research scholarships to suitably qualified or recommended investigators, contact us


Flights to Peru
Flights Cuzco- Maldonado