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Peru possesses the highest number of bird species in the World and for the last 30 years new species are being recorded annually. The Tambopata National Reserve, considered by bird enthusiasts like a true bird paradise, is an extremely privileged place for birdwatching.


Foto E. Del Solar

Due to its privileged location (proximity to the points of major interest for bird observation as the Macaws' clay lick of the Upper Tambopata River and the Sandoval Lake) , Wasai Lodge & Expeditions offers unique birding tours specially designed for bird watchers. In a regular tour it can be seen more than 100 bird species in a matter of hours and about 300 birds in a 4 day tour. .

Thanks to Eduardo Del Solar for allowing us to use photos of his Tambopata gallery A08Tambopata/  

Day 1.- Reception – Transfer to Wasai Tambopata Lodge

Reception at the airport and transfer to Wasai Maldonado Eco lodge, where after a greeting, the guide will give you a preliminary bird related talk and explain the possibility of seeing birds such as the blue-gray tanager, palm tanager, silver-beaked tanager, crested flycatcher, and many others right here at the hotel.







amazon2 Fotos E. Del Solar

After that, we will embark in a 4 hour journey which will finalize at the Wasai Tambopata lodge. During the trip you will have the opportunity to see the birds of the riverbank such as swallows, egrets, herons, flycatchers, cowbirds, orioles, toucans, macaws, and many others. The specialized guide will describe each specie of bird and explain their identification either by sight or by sound. Arrive at the lodge where you will be received by the staff and welcomed to the jungle.

In the evening you will be able to take a nocturnal hike and have the opportunity to hear and hopefully see exotic birds of the night such as owls, tinamous, and many other types of animals.

Day 2.- Parrots' clay lick - Rainforest

We will wake up early (5:00am) to go to the parrots' clay lick, the best spot for birdwatching. While passing through a forest of bamboo, we will have the opportunity to see Amazon birds as anthrushes, antwrens, antshrikes, motmots, trogons, and pufbirds. Depending on the weather, after reaching the collpa—or parrots' clay lick, we will have a great opportunity to see our first psitacids (parrots) such as: the mealy parrot, orange-cheek parrot, yellow-crowned parrot, chestnut-fronted macaw, and the dusky-headed parakeet. With some luck, we may see large macaws like the scarlet or the red-and-green macaw. We will stay as long as it is necessary, and then go back to the lodge for breakfast.
COLPA%20DE%20LOROSFoto. E. Del Solar

After breakfast, you will have some free time to enjoy the lodge facilities. You can lie down on a hammock, enjoying the view of the surroundings and hearing the Amazon birds' melodious sounds. In the afternoon, we will start another bird watching excursion, looking for more exotic birds; learning about the kind of birds that live in the rainforest, the fruit trees from which they feed and the important role they play in its conservation.

Day 3.- Macaws clay lick “El Chuncho” – Bahuaja Sonene National Park

We will leave very early (4:00 am) for the Macaws' Clay Lick ´´El Chuncho´´ one of the best attractions of the region due to the beautiful spectacle of colors and sounds that are produced every morning when hundreds of parrots, parakeets and macaws congregate in this place to feed on the clay lick, important for their daily diet to detoxify their bodies. With luck you might see up to 13 species of Amazon birds all gathered in one place.


Foto: Jorge Borja

While seeing this spectacle, we will have breakfast and then walk through the trails to find toucans, guans, curassow, and other species of birds, only seen in Madre de Dios. It is also possible to see on the riverbanks other exotic birds such as the Orinoco goose, muscovy duck, purpluish jay, violaceous jay, olive orioles, the Amazon orioles, and much more.

P1010065 orinoco6

We will return to Wasai Tambopata Lodge for lunch. After which we will start a walk searching for birds, and hopefully find the only trumpeter of Southern Peru called the pale-winged trumpeter, as well as flock of tanagers tinamous, woodpeckers, wood creepers, honeycreepers, aracaris, and the small but beautiful manakins . If we are patient enough we can probably see two species of this kind of birds besides the harpy eagle and more species of birds.

We will return to Wasai Tambopata Lodge for lunch. After which we will start a walk searching for more exotic birds, and hopefully find the only trumpeter of Southern Peru: the “pale-winged trumpeter”, as well as flock of tanagers tinamous, woodpeckers, wood creepers, honeycreepers, aracaris, and the small but beautiful manakins . If we are patient enough we will probably see two species of this kind of birds, besides the harpy eagle and other type of Amazon birds.

Day 4.- Isuyama Port – Wasai Maldonado Eco Lodge – Sandoval Lake

After breakfast, we will leave and head to Puerto Maldonado. You will have another chance to experience birdwatching from the boat. Before arriving to Puerto Maldonado lodge, we will visit Isuyama port, located in the southeast of Puerto Maldonado where we can easily find a great number of exotic birds like nunbirds, seed eaters, parrots, vultures, catle egrets, flycatchers and orioles .

We will arrive to Puerto Maldonado around midday.

After lunch, we will start a 25 minutes journey to the Sandoval Lake, a beautiful oxbow lake where it is possible find a great number of typical Peruvian birds. Then we will walk 5km through the forest. During the walk we will have the opportunity to find the blue-crowned trogon, black tailed trogon, white-tailed trogon, and the violaceous trogon. You will also have a another good chance to see different types of hummingbirds such as: the long-tailed hermit, white neck Jacobin, the fork-tailed woodnymph and toucans like curl crested aracari and ivori billed aracari, hoatzin ( punk bird ) herons like agami heron, tigre heron, striated heron, anhingas cormorant, cocoi heron , and many other exotic Amazon bird species.

You will be able to swim in the lake and then come back to the lodge in Puerto Maldonado. During the way back we will enjoy the spectacular sunset on the river.

Farewell dinner.

Night at Wasai Maldonado Lodge, finalizing the birdwatching tour.

Day 5.- Transfer to the Airport

Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

Services included:

  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Complete meals
  • Bilingual guide
  • Rubber boats
  • Drinks: water, natural juices and infusions.
  • Boat journey

Services not included:

  • Flight ticket
  • Airport taxes
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Laundry
  • Phone calls
  • Radio calls
  • Tips
  • Entrance fee to the Natural Reserve and National Park ($24.00)