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 macaw clay lick & Sandoval lake

Wild Tambopata Candamo Expedition 5/4

Tambopata Candamo Expedition Collpa & Lake 4/3

Tambopata Candamo Expedition & Sandoval Lake 3/2

Manu Park


Short circuits

Sandoval Lake

 Paradise 3/2


Tres Chimbadas Lake


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Tambopata Candamo Sport  4/3

Fishing Tambopata Candamo 8/7

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Educational Program

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Mystic Program & Taylor Made Programs


Cuzco classic

Inca Trail:

2 days

4 days


South Peru

Peru Express: Cuzco and Amazon  9 days

Peru Wildlife: lima  Puerto Maldonado, Cuzco, Paracas 10 days 

Peru Classic: Lima, Puerto Maldonado, Cuzco Puno   Titicaca    11 days

Lima-Paracas-sea lions islands-Nazca Lines  




Travel Information before departure to the

 Amazon Rainforest

Acces to Puerto Maldonado

Local transport.




Sickness prevention

Personal clothing and equipment




Access to Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado can be reached throughout the year on daily flights. Flights are scheduled every morning to and from Lima through Cusco by LAN Peru Airlines (28 minutes flight CZ-PEM). The Grupo Aereo Nº 8 have occasional flights and to get a seat you must arrive at the Cusco or Puerto Maldonado airport very early on the day of the flight and be persistent.
The cost of air ticket Lima Puerto Maldonado depending on the season is USD61.00 to 120.00 from Lima  and 35- 49 from Cuzco - Puerto Maldonado (one way).
Puerto Maldonado is accessible from Cusco by truck or bus. Despite the short distance ( 500 km ), the trip takes 24 hours, (depending on the weather) because the road is very rough. It is the cheapest way to reach Puerto Maldonado, cost is around 20 dollars; if you chose this option you will cross the oriental andean range with high mountains over 18 thousand feet.

Connection by bus to Brazil and Bolivia is possible from Puerto Maldonado.
  Three-wheeled motorcycle taxis called Motorcars can take two or three passengers with light luggage. Personal motorcycles are used to take one passenger and are called Mototaxis. One could also rent motorcycles or bikes.


You can change US cash dollars in Banks or money change agencies. For traveler checks you have to go to the Banco de Credito. The bank schedule is Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 am and from 16:00 to 18:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 p.m. The money change offices are open daily from 8:00 am until 10:00 p.m.. Just few places accept credit cards in Puerto Maldonado (VISA). It is better to pay for your requested services in advance of your visit. It is normal to ad 5% to the cost if you pay with credit card.

There are several public phones along the streets for local, national or international calls. You can also use the community telephone center (a public service) located at the corner of the army square. The post office is located on the main avenue, Leon Velarde, 5 blocks away. Internet cabins are also available close to the main square.


It is better if you buy personal items before your visit to Puerto Maldonado such as film and batteries for your video or still-life camera, special medicines etc.... They will be expensive or scarce in town.


Regarding to National Parks and Reserved Zones, visitors are only permitted to visit the latter and only with a guide who must obtain a permit for you. Please realize that it is possible that future visitor numbers to these protected zones could be limited and, as a result, you will need to arrange your trip far in advance.


Temperatures range between 30 to 37 ºC during the dry season (May to October) and 28 to 33 ºC in the rainy season (November to March). Cold spells called "Friajes" come from the South Pole and are frequent from June to August. Friajes might lower the temperature to 9 ºC for 2 or 3 days.

Sickness prevention

Similar to the requirements to visit any tropical region, you must receive a Yellow-fever vaccination 10 days before visiting the amazon region. Keep your card available upon your arrival to the Puerto Maldonado airport because you will be required to show it to the Health Ministry representatives.

Personal clothing and equipment . Depending on how long you are plan to stay, you will need light, drip-dry cotton clothing (one set per day), 2 long-sleeved shirts and pants, hiking boots, a raincoat, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit and a sweatshirt or lightweight jacket. Bringing insect repellent, high factor sunscreen, personal medication, water bottle, binoculars, flashlight and spare bulbs and batteries, pocket knife, and a camera with plenty of film (our programs are specially dedicated to photographers), will increase the enjoyment of your visit.
Upon your arrival, photocopy your passport and yellow fever vaccination card.


Puerto Maldonado is the starting point for the trips to Tambopata, Piedras and the lower part of the Madre de Dios River regions. Many options to select as: Birdwatching, canoeing, bike, rent motorbikes (2 dollars per hour) Macaws Clay lick and Tailor Made Programs.

We recommend taking a small bag to bring only the necessary luggage for the days you stay in Tambopata. The rest of the luggage can be left safety in Wasai Maldonado Ecolodge.

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