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One of the best tours in Puerto Maldonado, this eco tours to Tambpata Park includes a lote of fun, also you will help to preserve the amazon

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COD. RA3/2

tambopata-river trek


A new way to enjoy an eco tourism trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. An eco tour that will allow you to learn about the Amazon jungle in an unforgettable experience, combining trekking, kayaking adventure and many other different activities surrounded by the amazing rainforest and the best amazon lodge.


Day 1

Reception at the airport or bus station in Puerto Maldonado and transfer to Wasai Maldonado Lodge, where the offices and headquarters of our company are located. You will be received with a welcome juice as the guide gives a detailed explanation of the tour, as well as tips on safety

Then you will embark on a bus for a 40 minute journey through the Trans Amazonic highway, until reaching the point where the trail that will take us to the lodge starts. We will change our vehicle to one specially designed to fully enjoy the adventure. Little by little we will leave human presence behind , as we go deeper into the jungle. This journey will take between 1 and 2  hours until we reach the Private Reserve of Wasai.

Box Lunch

 Once we are there, we will initiate a trek of introduction to the ecology in a tour of approximately 3 km towards the Lodge wich is located on the banks of the river Tambopata. during the walk you will be able to appreciate the different types of forests such as swamps , bamboo forest, hi terrace forest, low land forest and with luck some animals of the Amazon.

Once in the Tambopata River you will be accommodated in your bungalows, which have terraces and hammocks to relax. The ones who wish can swim in the river with the assistance of the guide or any staff member.

Before dinner you will start a voyage on boat through the Tambopata River of approximately one hour in which you will search for caimans and other nocturnal animals.

You will experience the sounds of of the jungle on your first night in the Amazon.

Overnight at Wasai Tambopata Lodge


Day 2
Awakening at the lodge are one of the most impressive spectacles of sound and color in the Amazon. Visitors may rest, take a coffe or walk through the surroundings of the lodge by themselves or with the assistance of a guide until breakfast and see many different types of birds, butterflies and tropical flowers.

Breakfast will take place betweenn 7 to 8:30 am, then we will start a short boat trip for about 30 minutes upstream the tambopata river to enjoy the view and get to the starting point of our Kayak adventure in the sector known as The Gold Island.

After a brief training on kayaking, you will make your way back to the lodge downstream with the guide paddling next to you. There will be also a motorized boat for any assistance.

The ride downstream on kayak is calm and with some small class 1 rapids, which make it fun. It is possible to see birds in the river banks. The ride ends on the Gato river, where depending on the river level you have two different possibilities. When it is low a beautiful cascade where you can swim is formed. If the level of the river is high it is possible to paddle through the river in kayak against the stream. It is also possible to swim in the surroundings of the cascade.

zip line tambopata 

Return to the lodge at midday to have lunch and a rest.
 In the afternoon we will make a short ethno botanical walk of 1 km until the swamp area where the adventure complex is located. There you will be able to enjoy different adventure activities between the trees: Suspended bridges, Zip Lines of over 100 m, rope bridge, floating ropes, tri lines, etc.



birds tambopata Zip line wasai lodge road to the lodge

Return to the lodge at nightfall

 Relax at night in the terraces of the lodge or at the bar until dinner time.


Overnight at Wasai Tambopata lodge

 Day 3

Early breakfast and return to Puerto Maldonado using the same route as in the beginning of the trip . Luggage will be taken by the staff. New chances to observe wildlife and giant trees on the way.

Maximum weight 10 kg per passenger (exceeding weight can be left on our offices in Puerto Maldonado)

Trekking and kayak activities require minimum physical effort but have to take in mind the  heat of approx. 30 degrees celcius.



Optional activities (not included in the pack)

Visit to the Bahuaja Sonene Park and the big macaw Clay Lick (4 am – 10 am)

Tree climbing (30/40 minutes per person)

Proffesional Fishing (big fishes)
Recreative fishing


macaw- claylick-wasai


Enjoy birdwatching vacations in the Peruvian rainforest. Peru is a paradise for birdwatching and Tambopata is considered as the mecca for birdwatchers. The tours are specially designed for birding where it is possible to see hundreds of exotic birds just in a few days

Birdwatching 8 daysTour Birdwatching 5 days tour

( Eduardo del Solar nature photography )

birds of peru birds of peru

Sandoval Lake is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Despite the fact that it is close to Puerto Maldonado, it is in the Tambopata National Reserve and the adyacent Bahuaja Sonene National Park. which makes it an excellent rainforest and wildlife experience.

Sandoval Lake Paradise 3/2



From our Amazon Lodge in Puerto Maldonado you can visit many attractions in short tours, even walk in the jungle:

* The local market
* Visit the snake house
* River tour to parrots clay lick
* Monkey island river tour
* Canopy walkway Tour

Puerto Maldonado Lodge

Be part in a ritual of ayahuasca, deep In the middle of the jungle in the peruvian amazon, Peru is a rich country in traditions and old rituals; for centuries Amazonian shamans have used ayahuasca as a window into the soul.

Wasai lodge and expeditions offers you the finest exotic fishing holidays in the remote amazon areas of the upper Tambopata river where you can find big fishes such as pacu and payara or big piranhas. Visit Peru and enjoy the peruvian rainforest and its biodiversity and wildlife...

In keeping with our interest to promote the conservation of the amazon rainforest since 1997; Wasai Lodge has several educational programs specifically designed for high school students, university students, and any group of interested people in the amazon wildlife.

educational tours

Photography/ Special Wildlife Interest


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Peru Amazon lodge - rainforest ecotourism adventure for nature lovers, birding, fishing in the rain forest, eco vacation in the best eco lodge of the Amazon in Tambopata and Puerto Maldonado Peru.

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