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Alternative tourism - Specials Expeditions

In addition to our regular programmes Wasai is able to provide tailor-made tours and expeditions for those people who have a special interest or who wish to go to places rarely visited by others. These can be from as little as half a day trip to a month or more and can also be an addition to regular programmes.Our local knowledge of Madre de Dios and the people who live and work there enables us to offer these alternative tours and expeditions. Some examples are provided below but please contact us to discuss your precise requirements.
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Photography /  Bird watching   / Special Wildlife Interest tours


The Tambopata Reserve and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Records include over 700 species of birds, 1200 species of butterfly, 90 species of mammals, 120 species of reptiles and amphibians and innumerable species of insect. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in areas visited by Wasai tours and there are places where it is possible to see over 100 species in a day. We can arrange visits to all the main habitat types found in the area: terra firma, varzea, secondary floodplain, bamboo and aguaje forest as well as lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and cultivated areas. We can take you to a number of parrot collpas where many species of macaw, parrot and parakeet feed at clay licks and also mammal collpas where animals such as tapir, deer and peccary come to feed. The lodge and its surrounded are used by photographer and TV .  The base for observation is Wasai Tambopata Jungle Lodge and Research Centre which has over 20km of trails, overnight accommodation away from here is in tents. contact us 

Ayahuasca Sessions into the amazon

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Ayahuasca is one of the Amazons most famous hallucinogenic plants. Used for centuries by shaman whose visions inspired by the plant have helped to heal the bodies and souls of their tribe. We can arrange ayahuasca sessions with shaman from the local Eseheja community at either of the Wasai lodges or in the Infierno community of the Ese eja. These sessions include a dose of the ayahuasca liquid and guidance from the shaman during the trip (which includes chants and shaking dried leaves). contact us


Fishing tour in the amazon see details


There are more species of fish in the Amazon and it’s tributaries than in the entire Atlantic Ocean. A number of species in the River Tambopata and nearby lakes offer excellent sport fishing, such as the payara called "chambira" and large catfish (over 100 kgs). Other interesting species can also be fished such as piranha, electric eel and stingray. As well as rod and line we also offer the chance to fish by throw net and spear. The surrounding scenery is verdant and full of wildlife. The type of fishing varies depending on the season, the best months are July to September.



Local Communities:


There are many different communities living in areas around Puerto Maldonado. These include native Indian communities such as the Esehéja and Amarakaeri  as well as communities of mestitzo settlers/farmers, loggers and miners. We can take you to visit and stay with these communities to experience their lifestyles and learn how they live in the forest in the 21st century. For example you can see techniques used for farming, harvesting, mining or hunting. Your visit will contribute to the economy of the community concerned and also help to raise their awareness about the importance of conservation as well as your own.

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Peru Research tours  & Expeditions

For everyone  who wants to live a deep experience learning and  how scientists developed its work in the Amazonian. Participants  will be part of the project having full contact with the wildlife. Caimans, macaws, monkeys, tapir, jaguars, river turtle, peccaries, etnobotanic researches are included in the scheduled projects  


Peru Educational tours in the amazon



Workshops for high school students, university students, and any group of interested people


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